Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Imputation of Righteousness

What the heck does that phrase mean? I have recently uploaded 2 new sermons that I delivered at the church's program called "Soup, Salad, and Scripture." This is a weekly event that everyone is welcome to attend which includes a lunch costing $4.00 and a message from our pastor, Dr. David Rice. Dr. Rice was unable to deliver the messages over the past 2 weeks so I was happy to step in and teach for him. The two messages were based on Genesis 15 and Hebrews 11. Both of these passages are about Abraham and his faith in God. The key passages in Genesis 15 states that Abraham believed God and so God granted his faith in Him as righteousness. So God imputed or counted righteousness towards Abraham because of his faith in God's word. The imputation of righteousness from God upon the believer is a direct application of these passages. What an impossible process that only God could complete...To offer grace through His Son and to accept such a feeble faith as ours in that process. Only through His grace are we able to be found righteous!!

Check out these sermon/teaching sessions and let me know what you think about the imputation of righteousness.

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