Friday, October 8, 2010

Fool's Gold

On Sunday I will be preaching at New Life Community Church in Fayetteville, NC. The passages that I have been led to preach are found in 1 Cor. 1:18-31 and they have left me with one very convicting truth. What consumes our lives?

The believers in the Corinthian church were going through some pretty difficult times as they were in disunity because people were following their favorite pastor or theologian instead of following Jesus. They had become proud, haughty, arrogant people and 1:18-31 is Paul's reminder to them of the Jesus whom they had once loved... You see, the Corinthians had begun to chase after fool's gold. Fool's gold is something that greatly resembles gold on the outside but in reality is nothing but a worthless mineral lookalike.

In this text, Paul leaves us with two great conclusions applicable to life today regarding what consumes our lives.

First... It seems as if the entire world is searching after fool’s gold when we commit our lives to amassing wealth, pleasure, and popularity. Yet in the midst of our unquenchable thirst for more of everything, the God of this universe has given to us a message that has dwelling within it the power to save one’s soul. God calls us to trade in our fool’s gold for the folly of the cross that brings salvation, the gift of immeasurable worth.

Second...Consider your calling…In the midst of world that considers mankind to be the ultimate master of this universe and thus urges us to celebrate our own accomplishments as the gods of this universe the Bible calls us to humble dependency on the true God of this universe who has provided a way to righteousness for the unrighteous and life for the spiritually dead. All of this is by the grace of God!

Therefore church..."I therefore, a prisoner for the Lord, urge you to walk in a manner worthy of the calling to which you have been called," (Eph. 4:1)

If you want to hear more, come join us at church on Sunday morning and evening in Fayetteville!


Jones Family said...

Great words brother! I am excited you get to once again fill the pulpit. I know you have been longing for the opportunity. And how right you are about us seeking after those tempporal "highs" of this world. The enemy is so cunning and deceitful and we must constantly look forward to the prize, keeping our eyes focused on the ONE who gives us life. Thank you again for the post! Coram Deo

Josh said...

Thanks brother. Great to hear from you! You have given me an insightful comment as well. I hope others will read what you have written here.