Thursday, January 5, 2012

River City Church Underground: Pre-Launch Worship

Hey everyone. I just wanted to write to invite you to come check out our pre-launch worship service (River City Church Underground), which takes place each Sunday at 4:30pm @ 419 N. Grandview Ave, Dubuque, Iowa (New Life Church). We would love for you and your family to come join us as we prepare to officially launch our new church sometime in the spring.

Our worship atmosphere is upbeat, casual, and family-friendly. We offer childcare but are always happy to include the whole family in our worship services.
Our worship music is led by Jonny Dirks, lead singer and guitarist for "Doxa", the River City Church worship team.

Over the next four weeks I will be talking about our pursuit of happiness. I believe that Jesus gives us 8 character attributes in Matthew 5:1-12 (The Beatitudes) which lead us to be blessed or approved by God and thus truly happy. Come join us as we discover "The Pursuit of Happiness According to Jesus."

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