Friday, March 20, 2015

We are two days into the tournament and so many hopes and dreams have been crushed under the heels of two Cinderella teams named Panther and Blazer. I know, they sound like the lead guitarist and drummer of a bad 80's rock band but they aren't. they are the nicknames of the teams who dealt out the first two big upsets of the NCAA Tournament. These two upsets have a huge impact on the brackets of our four competitors: Jeff, Gary, Daughter #1, and Daughter #2.

Daughter #2 picked both upsets and Daughter #1 picked one of the upsets. Both Jeff and Gary did not pick either of the upsets. Here is where each person stands right now in the competition:

Daughter #1 is in first place with 10 points but only has 162 potential points to earn.
Jeff is tied for second place with 9 points and has 168 potential points to earn.
Gary is tied for second place with 9 points and has the greatest potential points to earn at 170.
Daughter #2 is in last place with 6 points and 156 potential points to earn.

Another big day of basketball remains to be played. Who will come out ahead? Who will win the challenge? We will soon see.

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