Monday, April 6, 2015

This year's tourney has been filled with excitement and great sadness for many of us. It doesn't seem to matter how unlikely it is that your favorite team will win once we get caught up on the madness of the tournament. That is the beauty of the tournament; anyone can win at any time. Kentucky now understands that truth. It also appears that anyone can win a bracket challenge too! Or at least come close to winning.

It's time to give you a quick update about my own little tournament challenge. Currently our resident CBS analyst, Gary leads with 91 points. My friend Jeff is second with 68 points. My daughters trail in third and fourth places with 57 and 21 points respectively. Things remain interesting, however, because one of my daughters has the potential to gain an additional 32 points if Wisconsin wins tonight. If they do, she will finish with 89 points, which will put her in second place and only 2 points behind Gary, the guy who does this for a living. In all fairness, I also must confess that she would also finish only 2 points behind me and I watched much more basketball this year than she will in the next decade!

This will be an exciting finish to another great NCAA basketball tournament. Next year, I will definitely use my daughter as a consultant for my bracket!

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